Acreage Home

Acreage Home

Code Constructions is prepared to take on the unique challenges that each rural setting possesses.Code will ensure that each home built has structural integrity, great design, and details that are tailored to the client’s taste while still remaining affordable.

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ACREAGE HOMES – Code Constructions’ Signature Structures

What does Code Constructions offer in the luxury homes market?
Code Constructions offers superior craftsmanship and innovative design that is tailored to each client’s specific needs and desires. Code’s luxury homes reflect both form and function and truly reflect the family or individual that will be occupying the home.

What is an acreage home?
An acreage home is the perfect solution for clients who are not limited by lot size. Acreage homes are meant to be the premier feature of your multi-acre property. By evaluating your lot, Code will decide the perfect placement for your home, taking into account: access, view, privacy, and aesthetics.

What if I do not have an existing design for my home?
Code Constructions has a gallery of pre-designed acreage homes that can be customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations while keeping costs down. The Empville is Code Constructions’ signature home design. It was created with rural living in mind and has all of the amenities that an individual would want to live a fulfilling life in the countryside. The Empville offers a time tested design that is comfortable, functional, and satisfying in every way.

What if my plot of land is in an undeveloped, rural setting?
Code Constructions welcomes building in rural settings with undeveloped terrain. Because Code has specialized in acreage homes over several years, their construction team is prepared for the challenges that building in rural areas without established infrastructure can pose and has the necessary rugged equipment to manage your particular type of terrain. Code’s seasoned staff will first survey your property to take note of and plan for any specific or unusual challenges that the acreage may possess. Fortunately, over time Code has created contingency plans for most situations that can occur when working in a rural environment and looks forward to each new challenge and development.

How will Code Construction keep my project on budget?
Code Construction respects its clients’ budget and timeframe. By using their ability to source materials in bulk and use them on several projects, Code Constructions’ procurement department can help to keep down the expenditures for your project.

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