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Code Constructions’ market coverage zone encompasses the New South Wales region of Australia. Code  was created and developed in this region and therefore is mindful of the needs, desires, and challenges that this area holds. While Code’s services are limited to the New South Wales region, their knowledge bases is not. Code Constructions makes it a point to stay current with the latest building trends and materials to be able to serve the New South Wales region in the most innovative way possible.

While Code Constructions makes sure that its core competencies and values are close to home, they also understand the worth of utilizing the cutting edge techniques from around the world. Code Constructions’ design, planning, and construction team makes sure that their building techniques and expertise are kept up-to-date by researching and learning about advances in construction technology. By continuously updating their building practices and materials, Code remains on the cutting-edge and is able to offer their clients exceptional products and workmanship with the latest innovations. As a company that began and grew in Australia, Code Constructions understands the demands of the market, what their clients expect, and the challenges of each particular area the way only a local resident can.

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Market Coverage
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