Multi-Housing Units

Multi-Housing Units

Code Constructions delivers multi-housing units that are designed to exceed the expectations of both landlord and tenant. By creating energy efficient multi-housing units targeted toward a specific type of tenant, Code works with its clients to maximize their investment on every level.

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MULTI-HOUSING UNITS – Code Constructions offers quality multi-housing structures that provide the best return on your investment.

Multi-Housing are a big investment. How does Code Construction propose to maximize my return?
When designing and building multi-housing units, Code Construction considers the following two ideas during each step of the process: minimize upkeep costs and attracting the right tenants.

Code Constructions realizes that their clients need a well-built structure that can stand-up to the demands that frequent tenant turn-over requires, but also encourages tenants find units that will be of such quality that they will be hard-pressed to find more accessible, inviting, attractive, and functional units anywhere else.

Code Constructions designs each multi-housing unit with energy efficiency in mind. Buildings that are energy efficient reduce maintenance costs and are an essential to getting the best return out of an investment property. Energy efficiency will also attract and retain tenants leading to longer occupancies and shorter vacancies.

I am not sure what type of design best fits my multi-housing structure. How should I choose one?
At your initial consultation, a member of Code Constructions’ planning team sits down with each of their clients to determine their goals for the property. The representative will ask questions such as:

  • How much do you plan to charge for rent?
  • Who do you see as your ideal tenant?
  • What type of lifestyle are you trying to portray?
  • What type of amenities would you like to offer to your tenants?
  • What type of maintenance would you like to avoid?

I am creating a new development of multi-housing units in an undeveloped area. Will Code Constructions be able to accommodate me?
Yes, in fact Code Constructions initially began as a company that constructed acreage homes for clients in rural areas. While acreage homes are still one of its featured products today, Code Constructions is well versed in handling the challenges that are an integral part of working in a rural area with little or not infrastructure. Code Constructions’ planning team takes the time to evaluate the plot of land in order to reduce the possibility that unforeseen hindrances will increase the estimated budget or timeline on a project.

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