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Quality Assurance

Code Constructions works hard to maintain strict quality assurance. Code Constructions’ closely monitors their products and processes to make sure that as many components and services are done right the first time and that each product is the best fit for its intended purpose.

By utilizing resources to inspect products and increase efficiency, Code Constructions makes quality assurance a top priority. By carefully managing every step of the production process, Code reduces construction time, minimizes mistakes and defects, and is able to adhere to projected timelines. Further, by focusing on great results, Code Constructions reduces the cost of their overhead and is able to pass along both savings and quality products to its clients.

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Quality Assurance

Along with quality assurance, Code Constructions also employs quality control to monitor their products and incoming raw materials. Code Constructions utilizes the following techniques to learn about the building elements that they are using and create building with structural integrity:

Failure Testing

Code Constructions evaluates its materials by comparing the results of failure testing including how each material is affected by the stresses listed below. By discovering product strengths and weaknesses Code Constructions assures its clients that they are receiving a superior structure from the inside out.

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Statistical Control

Code Constructions also evaluates the statistical failure rates of its products to further determine the best materials for each type of construction project that they undertake.


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